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  1. Please refrain from any threats of violence of any kind, as these will be deleted IMMEDIATELY,upon detection.

  2. Please refrain from any "vulgar" language designed to "suppress" anyone else's opinion.

  3. At the host's discretion, please note, that any "flaming" of individuals will be subject to screening and possible deletion if the flaming is designed with malicious intent towards another.


  1. All are welcome to the discussion regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, cultural background, or age. While this site is about relationships between Asian women and White men, some of the best postings come from people who are neither. Asian men, African/ American women, and Caucasion women frequently post here.

  2. Please use an anonymous E-mail address if possible for posting.

  3. Please note, that disagreements with another's opinion are WELCOME, just not attacking.

  4. Feel free to discuss anything. People get quite contentious on this forum, and that adds to the richness and flavor of it. The host welcomes conversation on whatever topic comes to your mind: race relations, Eurasion politics, dating in general, even pink elephants in France if they so desire. As long as you follow the rules above, anything goes.

  5. Please E-mail the host with any further suggestions or questions for the site format.