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What does Westernization Mean...

Westernization does not mean that I ride a horse and wear country gear. Instead, it means the adaptive process that a person goes through when they are in the North Americas and learn the english and the social mores that come with living in this country.

Today from being raised essentially all of my life in the United States, I have no accent to my speech, I walk with my arms swinging, I look anyone straight in the eye, and yeah, I even swear on occasion. When someone talks to me on the phone without ever having seen me in person, they assume they are talking to a caucasion woman and a big one at that. I have a very low voice for a woman, much less an asian woman. If that same person then, subsequently meets me, I usually get the typical reaction of them about to fall on the floor. What's more fascinating is when someone meets me for the first time and then I speak. I see them doing a lot of adjusting very rapidly, which is actually amusing for me to watch.

What has been a source of some confusion and frustration is that some people seem almost offended by me because I am not some little China doll and don't act as such. With the large population of asians in this country, this phenomenon is being witnessed all over by asian women. We are exoticized for our looks, yet when we adapt our characteristics to our environment, there is this dissappointment we contend with because we no longer have the soft voice, the accent, or the sweet, demure attitude.

Give you an example: most people are floored to learn that I used to ride on the back of a Harley. I enjoy shooting a Glock 9mm. or a Beretta 96f (40 caliber). Both are very nice guns with a great feel. I also enjoy 4 wheeling in the mud, with tree limbs hanging out of the front and back fenders.

I consider myself very fortunate in that my family and my partner do not have these "notions" in their heads over what I "should" be like, or how I should act. They know I'm a clutz and social moron and they accept that I'm like this. I bull doze my way through things and events in my life. I make a tremendous amount of mistakes but I can and do learn from them. I am cognizant of what other people think and feel but I don't let their thoughts and feelings overwhelm my sense of self. Instead, for the most part, I'll take what people are thinking and feeling into consideration in my overall understanding of the larger picture.

As you can see, this is what I mean by "Westernization".

I am the co-administrator for a giant site that deals with relationships and specifically, about interracial relationships. It initially started out with a focus on asian/caucasion relationships but has since evolved. I am pleased that I have contributed to the evolution of this site and the author for that matter. I came on there initially to "teach" a lesson to some of what I perceived as these morons who had these idiot fantasies about what I "should" be like versus what my reality is like. Now, I think many on this site have benefitted from learning about the damage those fantasies have wreaked upon women such as myself. Click on the link to go to this site.

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