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A Westernized Adoptee

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No Jung Soon, Asian Adoptee

In 1969, a four and a half year old Korean girl who had been abandoned at an orphanage in Seoul, Korea, was adopted by an American family of a married couple and their three boys. This page is my description of the ramifications of that adoption on me and my subsequent exploration of these ramifications. I suppose I could make this some type of analysis of myself but this is actually more, an adventure in my struggle to understand all of this and come to some terms with it all.

I don't actually remember pretty much of anything about my infancy or my early childhood. I came to this country at four and half years old weighing 17 pounds with just about every problem or disease known to mankind and was essentially dying. My adoptive mother literally stayed up for a month solid, holding me and trying to ensure my survival. Obviously, her quest was successful with my writing of this page. I did not appreciate the bond that her efforts created between us until much later in my life.

Since, I have begun exploring what all of this means for me. It's been difficult trying to sort out my feelings and thoughts on all of this. One of the things I honed in on that piqued my interest was the "Westernization" process my adoption had on me and what this meant for my existence in this land called America. When I began to make some efforts to get to know other asians, I was stunned to find out that I am considered a Banana. A Banana to asians means that I am yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Also, referred to as a Twinkie. The latent racism behind this concept really shocked me.

But in fairness, due to my efforts to get know other asians, I have come across many asians who are supportive and very understanding of my circumstances with my adoption. I no more chose to have the "white" characteristics that I have than I chose my eye color.

Since I created this web site, I have completed a giant study in Philadelphia on Asian Pacific Islanders and it's been an interesting if not frustrating endeavor. What's been interesting to me is the idea that some of the participants have had with the idea that somehow I am doing this in homage or something akin to this concept for the Asian races. Honestly, I did it because noone else has studied in these populations the particular topic of the study. Had very little to nothing to do with feeling that I "should" do anything with regards to Asians.

This site is a place for myself and hopefully, others to come to for exploring the "Westernization" thing and as a resource for adoption issues in general. Below, you will find a link for a table of LINKS and a guest book to comment in. Also, feel free to email me directly. The email will pop up when you click on the "Cool" symbol.

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Also please feel free to take a look at the on-line article I wrote for JADE magazine on this topic.

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